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ECAP is specialized in all aspects of surveying and terrestrial, photogrammetric and bathymetric mapping. We have equipment which applies the latest technological advances to surveying and engineering practice. We offer reliable surveys performed accurately, quickly and on time. Our mapping technique include: GPS, image processing equipment, total station, digital photogrammetric systems, depth measurement devices. We also have a strong background in land consolidation, agricultural surveys and in particular, GIS.


Our scope of work

Control surveys
Terrestrial and Photogrammetric Mapping
Cadastral Surveys
Municipal Surveys and Planning, Engineering Surveys
Agricultural Surveys and Municipal Information systems
Bathymetric and Oceanographic Surveying
Land Development
Soil Improvement
Ports and Harbours
SU1 - 42,700 ha. Harran Plain Land Development of GAP Project Turkey
SU2 - Photogrammetric Mapping of 2,100 km Natural Gas Pipeline of Botaž Turkey
SU3 - Triangulation of Istanbul Metropolitan Area (1,870 km2) Turkey
SU4 - Topographic Mapping of USA Consulate in Istanbul Turkey