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ECAP has highly qualified engineers especially specialized in Earthquake engineering. The design and management of the construction of all civil and building engineering systems to withstand the earthquake effects using sound engineering judgment and modern design methods are in the main scope of ECAP.

Earthquake Engineering is one of the branches of engineering devoted to mitigating earthquake hazards. In a multidisciplinary consultancy company, we offer investigation and solution of problems for cost effective and practical application of earthquake resistant structures and facilities.

Several countries all over the world are prone to high seismic activity as it is in Turkey. Development in the Earthquake Engineering has produced modern design methods significantly reducing seismic risk for new structures. Unfortunately, many structures which exist today were constructed prior to these new methods. In order to reduce the seismic risk to an acceptable level, many of these structures require extensive rehabilitation.

Our services include;

Evaluation of the seismic performance of existing structures and retrofitting

Analysis and design of any kind of structures regarding the seismic performance

Geo hazard and risk studies such as risk assessment, hazard estimate, liquefaction potential etc.

Disaster investigation studies

Collaborative research with government bodies and universities

Evaluation and recommendation new materials and devices for use in seismic design

Development of seismic codes of practice


Standards and Regulations