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We have creative solutions for the transportaion problems of our public or private customers. Roads and Highways are the main parts of the transportaion systems. For the transportation efficiency and enhancing the quality of life, planning the roads and highways are in the scope of our company. We provide our engineering and management services to our customers in the development of wide and sustainable growing transportation networks, in order to give the best solution to the developing countries.


Our services;

Field Surveys and Investigations
Preliminary and Final Design
Cost Estimates
Drainage Design
Procurement contractors and suppliers
Administering contracts and supervising construction and installation.


Civil Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Project Management
SMC - Manifa Oil Field Causeway Project, SAUDI ARABIA
HIK- Kinali - Sakarya Highway, TURKEY
INR- Shorinullah - Rajanpur Highway, PAKISTAN
INS - Saraigambila - Karak Highway, PAKISTAN
LAB - Lahore By-Pass, PAKISTAN
HAR - Beautification and Improvement of Makkah Streets, SAUDI ARABIA