Core Values

ECAP is a multi-disciplinary consulting company, offering a complete and integrated range of engineering services including consulting, project management and design services in the Construction sector. Our services cover all phases of project life cycle from investment planning and feasibility studies to timely and economic completion.

We offer fully integrated solutions to our clients across multiple markets. Capabilities include scientific and innovative consulting. ECAP is dedicated to provide its clients both the 'know-how' and experience that was gained in Construction sector in the last 70 years by providing our clients with the services of our professional staff with worldwide reputation.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients with value-added solutions, based on realistic concepts, which will enable them to deliver projects to stand against time.

We believe passionately in the power of human intellect to solve key engineering challenges. ECAP's vision is to become a leader in engineering who creates innovative solutions for its clients to help them realize their full potential in construction. At ECAP, we see no limits to the human imagination. Our mission is to unleash the creativity in every engineering project.

We value flexibility and we are ready to evaluate even the newest approach for improvement. We provide agility and flexibility in finding the right solution to reduce time and cost while sustaining the quality.

We want to help you to execute your project - faster, easier and better.